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Classification of Mammogram Images by Machine Learning Algorithm Attacker Nodes

A. Anbumani, M. Meenatchi


Abstract Breast cancer is basic in ladies' these days. In beginning when cells in the breast start to develop out of control. These cells generally structure a tumor that will frequently be seen on a x-beam or felt as a lump. Cells in almost any piece of the body can move toward becoming malignant growth and can spread to different regions of the body. There are very nearly 6 phases of breast cancer growth. It is constantly discovered that the discovery of malignant growth at the principal stage can fix it. An example picture is taken as input and compared with the pictures previously put away in database distinguished with cancer. In any chance, the location is discovered fruitful, at that point relating treatment is proposed. The stage of cancer is been demonstrated and respective treatment is been advised to the patient. Stage wise treatment and medicines are given to cure that cancer. The main objective is to assess the correctness in classifying data with respect to efficiency and effectiveness of each algorithm in terms of accuracy, precision, sensitivity and specificity. In existing method Rule based approach is used for classification which gives static range value for different classes. Therefore we will not able dynamic images or outlier behavior images. Classifiers are not able to distinguish feature overlapping. Therefore at learning phase pattern of image is not identified. In Proposed system we apply Support Vector Machine as a classifier on the mammogram images to enhance the accuracy rate. This approach performs well on overlapping problem. This method is different from all other approaches, which are used to identify normal mammograms by detecting cancers. Overlapped tissues are also detected by this using this classifier. Experimental results show that SVM gives the highest accuracy with lowest error rate.

 Keywords- Breast cancer, ROI, Gaussian filter, Otsu’s Thresholding, Fuzzy C Means Clustering, GLCM

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Anbumani A, Meenatchi M. Classification of Mammogram Images by Machine Learning Algorithm Attacker Nodes. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2019; 6(2): 1–10p.

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