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A Survey on Face Recognition Techniques and Its Applications

Dhavalsinh V. Solanki, Ashish M. Kothari


Face recognition has been a fast growing, and interesting area in real time applications. Automatic face recognition has shown great achievement for high-quality images under embarrassed conditions; for video-based recognition it is hard to achieve similar levels of performance. Human face detection and tracking of moving objects in the video are important tasks of the computer vision. Human and object frames are separated by implementing a face detection algorithm for the video. In this paper we have discussed, analysed & compared some popular face detection methods like PCA, ICA, LDA, PCA + LDA hybridization and Gabor wavelet transformations. Here we have tried to attempt a comparative study of these methods.


Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Gabor filters, Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Fisherfaces Linear Discriminant Analysis

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