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Histogram Equalization for Image Enhancement Using Kidney Ultrasound Images

cheruku sandesh kumar, Ratnadeep Roy, Archek Praveen Kumar, Ashwani Kumar Yadav


Medical image processing plays an essential role in providing information in wide area for such advanced images. Kidney Ultrasound image (KUI) is an advanced medical imaging technique providing rich information about the size, shape, and location of the kidneys. KUI obtained from Doppler technique colored coded vessels is a valuable tool to help physicians to diagnose and treat various diseases. Ultrasound technology allows quick visualization of the kidneys and related structures from outside the body. Ultrasound may also be used to assess blood flow to the kidneys. The specific information can also be obtained to evaluate the diseases. Histogram equalization is one of the important steps in image enhancement technique for KUI. There are several methods of image enhancement and each of them is needed for a different type of analysis. In this paper study and comparison of different techniques like histogram equalization, local histogram equalization (LHE), adaptive histogram equalization (AHE) and contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE) using different objective quality measures for kidney ultrasound image enhancement.


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Cheruku Sandesh Kumar, Ratnadeep Roy, Archek Praveen Kumar, Ashwani Kumar Yadav. Histogram Equalization for Image Enhancement Using Kidney Ultrasound Images. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2015; 2(2): 20–26p.


Image histogram, medical image processing, kidney ultrasound image (KUI), contrast image enhancement, histogram equalization

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