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Face Registration with Vigorous Improved M-Estimator

Tarun Motwani, Jamvant S. Kumare


Vigorous face registration method based on Ali’s based M-Estimator (MCCA) is well-defined in this paper. A proficient valued mask function used in correlation is calculated by Ali, based vigorous statistics and used as a similarity measure to register images. The mask function is used to quashing the occlusion and as well as distant outliers, which are not controlled by the Huber based M-estimator usually. The supremacy of this algorithm is presented by this experimentation analysis and its correct result presentation in the dissimilar real situation images.


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Tarun Motwani, Kumare Jamvant S. Face Registration with Vigorous Improved M-Estimator. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2015; 2(3): 1–11p.


Distant-outliers, cross correlation, Asad Ali based m-estimator, face registration

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