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Faulty Object Detection by Image Processing Based on Modified Back-Propagation Algorithm of Artificial Neural Network

Samadhan Jogdand, Dr. U.L. Bombale


The conventional algorithms such as canny edge detection require so much computation which makes it more time consuming. Hence it is not used for industrial applications such as damage detection because each product should be analyzed in a fraction of seconds so that the manufacturing rate of the industry should not be affected. Hence Artificial Neural Network can be used for edge detection. Though it requires a lot of time for training, it is very fast at simulation, i.e., at function time which fulfills industry requirement for such application.

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Samadhan Jogdand, U.L. Bombale. Faulty Object Detection by Image Processing Based on Modified Back-propagation Algorithm of Artificial Neural Network. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2016; 3(2): 19–25p.


Artificial neural network, back-propagation algorithm, delta rule

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