Vol 5, No 3 (2018)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

A Survey based on Image Segmentation for various Approaches PDF
Mansi Gupta, R. P. Narwaria 1-6
Synthetic Iris as a Vulnerability of Iris Recognition System PDF
Sunil Kumar Chawla, Vijay Lamba, Surender Jangra 15-21
Image Classification using Convolutional Deep Neural Networks PDF
Sudhir Vegad, Prashant Italiya, Zankhana Shah 7-14

Review Articles

Analysis of Prior Based Fog Removal Methods PDF
manju ., Neelam Turk 29-37
A Detailed Survey On The Quantification Of The Cardiac Fat Depots On The Cardiac CT Scans And MRI Scans. PDF
Sangeetha Mariappan, Batri Krishnan 22-28

ISSN: 2394-1995