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PLC Based Stator Water Cooling System for High Capacity Generators in Power Plant

Dikshaya A, Ms. Ahnisiya N M, Ms. Kousalya D


The power station generator will be a high capacity machine. Because of the enormous current handling capacity, in terms of thousands of amperes - heat generation will be more. The minimum allowable time for a generator running without Stator water cooling system (SWCS) is only 17 seconds. In case of any problem in SWCS it will cause disturbance in power production and results in major revenue loss to the industry. Hence cooling of generators place vital role. Failure in cooling arrangement will result in tripping of generator from grid. SWCS using relays are now in practice but it has to be manually monitored regularly. In order to overcome this problem we propose PLC for stator cooling. Monitoring stator water cooling system is efficient with Programmable logic controller (PLC) as control platform. Control software for stator water cooling system use ladder programming supports.  PLC ready to render reliable solution through friendly software and will challenge any level of complications. PLC replace conventional relays/timers based old control system. 

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