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A Study on Diverse Routing Protocols for Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Network

Deepa Singh, Vandana Vikas Thakare


Wireless sensor networks are distinct ad hoc networks in which nodes are offered to analyze the physical word through abundant modest, economical and smart sensor nodes scattered in require field of intrigue. These sensor nodes are uninhibitedly suit to detect strategy and wirelessly stretch out climate conditions to a base station. Leach is a clustering based protocol that characterizes an entire WSN in type of various clusters. Clustering is the form of grouping nodes into clusters and LEACH is mainly used in cluster formation in which it regularly change the cluster head to send the data to destination. Leach split a network into finite number of cluster. In every cluster there are some members and one cluster head or coordinator exists. CH gathers the information from source node and sends to sink. Leach protocol has a few round and each round contain two stage. In this study, comparison with the routing protocols for mobile sink to understand the WSN.

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