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CPW fed Pyramidal Antenna for Dual Band Application

Ansal K A, Divya Susan Jose


In this study, a pyramidal shaped coplanar waveguide fed antenna with modified ground and radiating structure for GSM and WLAN applications is presented. The antenna is resonating at different frequencies 1.8/5.2 GHz, which is covering GSM and WLAN (IEEE802.11a). Antenna has simple planar structure of 39×37×1.6 mm3 using RT duroid substrate dielectric constant 2.2 and loss tangent of 0.002 with a slit on ground plane. The proposed antenna achieved return loss –10 dB and it reached around –37 dB which covers the bandwidth specification of GSM and WLAN. The antenna is simulated using simulation tool Mentor Graphics IE3D software which is based on method of moment.

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Ansal KA, Divya Susan Jose. CPW Fed Pyramidal Antenna for Dual Band Application. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2018; 5(3): 1–5p.


CPW, pyramidal antennas, GSM, WLAN, VSWR

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