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Digital Book Wield Smart App

Prachi K Shah, Shivani Acharya, Ritu Kariya, Hemangee Ravalji, Apexa Rathod


Digital Book Means Computer/Laptop. The system is developed to control Digital Book’s keyboard by Android device using Arduino. As all are familiar with both Android device and Digital Book like PC, Laptop etc., there are various limited options available to use when Android device is not connected to the Digital Book in order to access it at their Workstations. Connecting Android device to Digital Book by Arduino which is connected to Bluetooth HC-05, so Android device work as remote interface. This involves designing a new application that enables the user to connect their workstation remotely by using the Arduino and Bluetooth Technology. Once the application is installed, Digital Book users will likely be successfully able to connect with their workstation and control it via Android device’s application.

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Prachi Shah, Shivani Acharya, Ritu Kariya et al. Digital Book Wield Smart App. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2018; 5(3): 6–10p.


Remotely Accessible, Computer, Laptop, Arduino Uno, Bluetooth HC-05, ASCII value Comparison, Virtual Key Event Generation

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