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Digital Home Workout Assistant using Kinect and Unity

Twinkle Christian, Shraddha Parmar, Nikita Mesvaniya, Mosin I. Hasan, Kirti Kumar J. Sharma


Nowadays, people’s lifestyle becomes fast and growing and also each and every people desire to look young and live healthily. This phenomenon has caused people to blindly follow fitness trends without proper cognition. It may lead to serious injuries or other side effects. The main prominence of this system is to assist society by monitoring and guiding proper exercise posture, which rectifies their well-being. This paper is about Kinect based system for a virtual workout without any physical trainer. In this system, we recognize the exercise performed by the user and provide live feedback based on their exercise movement, in addition, its facilities exercise instructor to provide vital intimation about exercise step to the abecedarian user. With the help of this system, the user can maintain health, save time and also save cost. Visual C#, Microsoft Kinect a motion sensing input device, Unity a game engine is the technologies used to develop this system.


Exercise, Gesture, Live Feedback, Microsoft Kinect V2

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