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Camera-based Anti-theft Surveillance and Monitoring System

Parth Saxena, Sakshi Maheshwari, Abhijeet Vyas, Nikhil Periwal


Abstract: This paper presents a real-time smart door gadget for domestic safety. Most of the proposed clever home structures try to convey answers for this safety hassle, but lots of those structures use several sensor devices. With the increasing safety issues, it is important to apply new technology. The Internet of Things is one of the new technologies nowadays used in home automation system. Raspberry Pi is a strong and dependable embedded machine device for the complicated and hard responsibilities. Using these technologies within the proposed system will bring numerous benefits in providing safety, and safety in terms of visualizing and figuring out individuals who visit the home. One of the advanced module which in this project is the module is connected with another microcontroller node (MCU) which notifies the owner about someone who presses the bell and notifies that the person is at home or not, and using Google Assistance owner can give commands to display the availability at home or not and when. In the overall proposed system, there can be two one of a kind giant techniques to provide domestic security. Another function is to automate the equipment that are operated through smartphone and the use of numerous sensors, so which are linked to microcontroller to reveal the complete device. Mq2 fuel sensor presents the function to preserve the fire alert in case of emergency and offer SOS to given touch and mails. With the continuing improvement of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), RFID has been used increasingly extensively. The frame shape of the intelligent parking device is recommending in step with the traits of the management of the parking lot. The entire scheme and characteristic of the intelligent parking gadget are analysed in detailed. This technique realizes smart control of automated home.

Keywords: IoT (Internet of Things), home automation system, Google Assistance, RFID

Cite this Article: Parth Saxena, Sakshi Maheshwari, Abhijeet Vyas, Nikhil Periwal. Camera-based Anti-theft Surveillance and Monitoring System. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2019; 6(3):1–4p.

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