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Implementation of Terahertz Communication Link

Vijaya Laxmi Sisodiya


Abstract: With the unending augmentation in the number of mobile-related devices and the prerequisite for higher data rates anywhere, at any point, higher frequency bands are being considered for communications. As wave technology moves from searching the business game plans, and induced by the confined bandwidth, the terahertz antenna (THz) band is envisioned as the other lines for communications. Concerning vehicular systems, communications are at much higher frequencies and, in this manner, with significantly higher data rates bring many opportunities and challenges. In this paper, a survey of the opportunities and challenges in THz correlation for vehicular systems is provided. Besides, this paper gives answers for a segment of these kinds of challenges.

Keywords: beyond the fifth generation (B5G), channel modelling, data rate terahertz (THz).0, UHD (ultra-high definition), Tera-bps (Tbps)

Cite this Article: Vijaya Laxmi Sisodiya. Implementation of Terahertz Communication Link. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2019; 6(3): 5–11p.

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