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Vehicular Black Box for Indian Cars

Sanskar Jain, Aman Negi


Abstract: This study shows that there is an increase in the interest and development of black box in vehicles. Black box is a device that can be used to mitigate road accidents and are also used in post-accident investigation in order to speed up the investigation and claim processing of insurance. Black box need to store the driving data of the vehicle such as speed, GPS coordinates, brake lights, video, etc. of that time at which an accident has taken place and should also be able to send an SOS message and the data to the authorities using minimum resources like circuits, camera, sensor, etc. using less network resources. Along with all these, black box must be cost efficient and user privacy should not be compromised. This study also shows the concerns that are not addressed and due to which it needs future development.

Keywords: Camera, GPS coordinates, sensor, SOS message, vehicle black box

Cite this Article: Sanskar Jain, Aman Negi. Vehicular Black Box for Indian Cars. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2019; 6(3): 18–22p.

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