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Water Quality Analysis using Arduino

Srishti Gupta, Mamta Tholia, Manuhar Swaroopa, Shreyas Piplani


There is a dire need of effective water quality control system in the residential areas and the demand is very high due to urbanization, wide scale pollution and population growth. Scarcity of safe drinking water poses a great challenge to development. Necessary and immediate steps have to be taken to overcome it. At the very first, we have to assess water parameters like temperature pH, turbidity, conductivity etc., as the variations in these values can provide insights about the presence of pollutants. The monitoring of the water standard is a complex process as it has several laboratory testing methods which is very tedious and time consuming. To reduce the time, we need to look for automated system, a testing equipment that can be placed in the river or other water bodies especially in the rural areas where situation of clean and safe drinking water is very vulnerable. So we have proposed Arduino based water quality monitoring system that monitors the quality of water in real time. It consists of different sensors which measures pH, temperature and turbidity. The measured values from the sensors are processed by microcontroller and the processed values are transmitted using GSM to the concerned authority. The controller accesses the information which is monitored by the use of sensors. The accessed data are controlled by the usage of Arduino controller. By using an IoT, the information is collected and the water pollution can be enquired, by a strict mechanism.

Keywords: pH, Sensors, Temperature, SMS, technology

Cite this Article: Mamta Tholia, Srishti Gupta, Manuhar Swaroopa, Shreyas Piplani. Water Quality Analysis using Arduino. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2020; 7(2):21–27p.

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