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Recruitment Chatbot using AI

Lokesh Katta, Balaji Katkar, Akshay Maske, Kirti Mhamunkar


Seeking job can be a mentally frustrating and emotionally draining experience.The idea of building a chatbot came from a moment when understood that the recruiting process is filled with manual, redundant, and time and sequence-dependent tasks that can be automated with a recruitment chatbot. Adding a recruiting chatbot into your recruiting workflow can be very easy and very effective. Another major time-dependent task is interview scheduling. Simply calling candidates isn’t very effective anymore. Candidates aren’t answering calls from unrecognized phone numbers. Calling candidate in the middle of their current job is inconvenient, and playing the back and forth “what time works for you” is a miserable waste of time for everyone. Recruiting Chatbots are great atthis and making it easy for recruiters.Artificial IntelligenceMarkupLanguage(AIML) isused tobuild chatbot artificially intelligent. Inthispaper,wegiveabriefreview of chatbotwhich use AIML. Using Natural Language Processing (what happens when computers read language. NLP processes turn text into structured data), the machine converts this plain text request into codified commands for itself.

Keywords: AIML,Chatbot,Artificial Intelligence, technology, NLP

Cite this Article: Lokesh Katta, Balaji Katkar, Akshay Maske, Kirti Mhamunkar. Recruitment Chatbot using AI. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2020; 7(2): 5–10p.

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