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Modified Binary Firefly Algorithm (MBFA) for Optimal Allocation of Spectrum in Cognitive Radio Systems

Ekta Dogra, Deepti Kakkar


Spectrum bands are nature’s communication highways which are highly congested now-adays. To overcome this problem, dynamic allocation of spectrum is under consideration over the current fixed spectrum allotment policy. In dynamic allotment, various optimisation methods can be applied for achieving the best possible spectrum allotment during handover so that the better quality of service can be given to cognitive users with the simultaneous improvement in spectrum utilisation. This study focuses on Modified Binary Firefly Algorithm (MBFA) for achieving the optimal allocation of spectrum. The allocation model is designed on the basis of graph theory considering more interference constraints. It has been shown that the optimisation method uses new discrete error (“erf”) transfer function to provide the most optimal allocation matrix. This work has thrown light on the significance of transfer functions in cognitive radio context. The convergence curve obtained proves the point.

Cite this ArticleDogra E.  Modified Binary Firefly Algorithm (MBFA) for Optimal Allocation of Spectrum in Cognitive Radio Systems. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2016; 3(2): 42–47p. 



cognitive radios, spectrum handover, spectrum allocation, graph theory, firefly algorithm (FA), discrete optimisation, Transfer functions, Reward functions

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