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Performance Analysis and Simulation Verification of Routing Protocols and MAC protocols in WSN

Bushra Rahman, Nazmul Shahadat, Nasrin Hakim Mithila



Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is consisted of distributed autonomous devices which use a large amount of energy consuming battery-powered sensors to monitor environmental conditions. Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols have a significant role to reduce energy consumption in WSN. To prolong the lifetime of the network, consume little power, and avoid collisions from interfering nodes, power efficient MAC protocol is needed. Routing protocols at Network Layer specifies the communication of routers to share information with each other that allows them to select routes between two nodes on a network. MAC protocols have an impact on the performances of routing protocols in different network scenarios. In this paper, we have investigated the performance of various MAC protocols. Then by taking the power efficient MAC protocol, we have analyzed the performances of some routing protocols by using network simulator NS-2.

Keywords: MAC protocol, routing protocol, IEEE802.11, SMAC, DSDV, DSR, AODV

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Bushra Rahman, Nazmul Shahadat, Nasrin Hakim Mithila. Performance Analysis and Simulation Verification of Routing Protocols and MAC protocols in WSN. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2017; 4(1): 1–8p.


MAC protocol; routing protocol; IEEE802.11; SMAC; DSDV; DSR; AODV;

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