Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements

Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements (JoMTRA) is a print and e-journal focused towards the rapid publication of fundamental research papers on all areas of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements.

Journal of multimedia technology & recent advancements includes the hope to support future development of research and technologies in multimedia technology & its advancements. Moreover it welcomes diverse innovative ideas toward the development. With this journal we will be to build sufficient grounds for fulfillment of most different and promising ideas in this area.

eISSN- 2349-9028

Focus & Scope:

  • Computer Graphics 
  • Windowing transformations
  • 2D translation, scaling, rotation and shear
  • 3D translation, scaling, rotation
  • Internet, Connections, TCP/ UDP/ IP, IP addressing
  • Web Servers, Web browsers, Web  page makers and Editors
  • Multimedia Communications: Technologies, Protocols, and Mechanisms
  • Various Services and Applications in Multimedia Communications
  • Optimizing and Engineering Multimedia network traffic
  • Issues of Personalization
  • Privacy and Security in Multimedia Applications
  • Architectures used in Multimedia Software
  • Database applications and Multimedia Web
  • Implementation of Multimedia Sensor Networks

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Vol 6, No 1 (2019)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Design a Framework for Cybersecurity Using Steganography PDF
Pinky Ramchandra Shinde, Dhanraj Verma 1-6
Reliability of Software System: A Particle Swarm Approach PDF
Bisma Gulzar. Mir, Sheikh Riyaz-ul-Haq 7-12
Safety Device for Women with GPS, GSM and Health Monitoring System PDF
A. A. Ranaware, Dhanashri Bhosale, Kiran Ingawale, Karishma Metkari 13-18
Underground Cable Fault Detector and Locator Using Arduino PDF
Sameer Jagtap, Monika Dhembare, Pooja Dake, Akshata Salunkhe 19-27
Collision Avoidance Vehicle Using ATMEGA328P PDF
S. P. Jagtap, Rutuja Kadam, Snehal Raut 28-33

ISSN: 2349-9028