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Wireless Feeler Networks through Laser

N. Siranjeevi, N. Alaguraj, G. Selvakumar



This paper describes the thought of sensing element networks that has been created viable by the convergence of little electro automatic systems technology, wireless communications and digital natural philosophy. First, the sensing tasks and therefore, the potential sensing element networks applications are explored, and a review of things influencing the look of sensing element networks is provided. Then, the communication design for sensing element networks is made public, and consequently the algorithms and protocols residential for every layer within the literature are explored. Open analysis problems for the conclusion of sensing element networks also are mentioned. Optics in variety of optical device communication and therefore, the use quantum coding are coming into the sector of area telecommunication and would possibly well give away to be the one most enabling technology for the introduction of secure and high information measure communication.

Keywords: Telecommunication, Feeler Network, Small Electro-Mechanical System

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Siranjeevi N, Alaguraj N, Selvakumar G. Wireless Feeler Networks through Laser. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2017; 4(2):       30–34p.

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