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Analysis and Development of Data Hiding Technique for Multimedia Content

Monika Patel, Jigar M Patel


In this techno savvy world, due to high speed of the Internet today’s communication becomes digital. Due to this advancement, anyone can access the digital data within the entire globe without the owner’s permission. The digital data can be replaced and modified with great ease which has led to a need for effective data hiding tools. As a solution one of the most familiar data hiding techniques, possibly the most efficient one, that is digital watermarking is used for protecting digital data. Digital watermarking is used to provide authentication, security and ownership to the digital data. Digital watermarking is the general technique of embedding some information in the original file which can be altered on the user’s requirement. So, to focus on security and ownership of digital data, this research article exemplifies various data hiding techniques, a general architecture and modified algorithm for DWT based digital watermarking and output of the experimental system with their comparison.

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Monika Patel, Jigar M. Patel. Analysis and Development of Data Hiding Technique for Multimedia Content. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2018; 5(3): 15–19p.


Data Hiding Techniques, Authentication, Security, Ownership, Digital Watermarking, DWT

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