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Safety Device for Women with GPS, GSM and Health Monitoring System

A. A. Ranaware, Dhanashri Bhosale, Kiran Ingawale, Karishma Metkari



In 21stcentury, in metro cities or big cities everywhere women security is most important requirement in our India. We use smart electronics and advance technology. We require a small and effective safety gadget that helps the women or victims in dangerous situation. This study covers the descriptive details about the safety gadget which is used for safety of women. This device consists of emergency switch or press button. Microcontroller (ATmega328P), GSM module, GPS module, pulse sensor and buzzer. Purpose of this project is when a woman senses danger; she has to press/hold the switch button of the device. Once the device is activated, it tracks the place of women through GPS (Global Positioning System) and sends it to the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and then GSM sends a message to already registered mobile number and police control room. The pulse sensor checks the pulses of victim; if it is in abnormal condition, then it sends the current location and pulse reading of the victim to ambulance at every 5sec in the form of SMS. Main advantages of this project are that it is easy to carry and cost effective. It helps the women in dangerous situation.

Keywords: Pulse sensor, GPS module, GSM module, emergency switch, buzzer

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Ranaware AA, Dhanashri Bhosale, Karishma Metkari, et al. Safety Device for Women with GPS, GSM and Health Monitoring System. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2018; 6(1): 13–18p.

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