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Collision Avoidance Vehicle Using ATMEGA328P

S. P. Jagtap, Rutuja Kadam, Snehal Raut



Nowadays most of four-wheeler accident occurs due to failure of breaking system which is operated manually. Sometimes driver get distracted and loose the concentration from driving so obstacle avoidance system is needed. This project is designed for detecting obstacles and avoiding the collision. The design of obstacle avoiding robot requires two types of sensors one is ultrasonic sensor and another is IR sensor. In this project two pairs of IR sensor are required. Ultrasonic sensor is mounted on front side of robot to detect the front side obstacle and pair of IR sensor is mounted on left and right side of the robot to detect the obstacle. These sensors are controlled by Arduino controller ATmege328P.

Keywords: Arduino, Motor Driver (L293D), IR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor

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S.P. Jagtap, Rutuja Kadam, Snehal Raut. Collision Avoidance Vehicle Using ATMEGA328P. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2018; 6(1): 28–33p.

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