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An Enhanced MPPT Technique by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Naba Mahmood, Shekhar Yadav


Abstract Renewable energy sources occupies huge place now a days. Solar power generation generates electricity by using solar panels. To increase the power, the system attached to the improved techniques. This paper presents a review of some different types of PV cell techniques i.e. MPPT technique and an enhanced result of FLC. In this paper, a complete description and then classification of the MPPT techniques have made based on features, such as number of tracking method involved and types of control strategies employed. The main aim of MPP techniques increase the power and send to the load or grid. Solar panel depends on irradiation and temperature values. Boost converter plays a significant role in the solar panel. A fuzzy logic controller is applied on an MPPT technique to extract maximum power from the solar system. The fuzzy logic controller provides best accuracy compared to the conventional fractional or fuzzy logical controller. In this, the applied factor is prudently chosen according to the fuzzy controller dynamic range & then it takes a greater α-factor in first place to widen fuzzy area & reduces time for searching Maximum point. It used a minor α-factor when maximum power point is approached, to diminish fuzzy domain and removes oscillations at Maximum Power Point. So, FLC in a solar PV system has fast response below environment differences and a very high tracking accurateness of MPP. This paper shows that MPPT technique with FLC which significantly increase the efficiency of solar photo voltaic system.

Keywords— Maximum Power Point, Fuzzy logic controller, Photo voltaic system, Fractional order increment conductance method.

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Naba Mahmood, Shekhar Yadav. An Enhanced MPPT Technique by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2019; 6(2): 1–10p.

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