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Cloud Computing with Load Balancing Approach: A Systematic Survey

Namrata Raj, Vishal Kumar Verma


Abstract- Cloud computing is hottest technology in research area that are very developed and broadly utilized concept. It has a lot of attractive features and provides enormous clutch of resources, software, statistics, storing and various application that is useful for users to meets their demand at any time. It is increasing very fast and much utilization of this technique by different organization. In this arena services provided by the cloud storage services as per user request. The load on the cloud is vast problem that is increasing vastly with advance application. Balancing the load is a motivating topic in research arena in cloud computing. Cloud system rises the performance and better utilization of shared resources by using a well define load balancing algorithm. Load balancer is distribute the workload dynamically over the vast of request for various resources of system. The approach of cloud service provider suitable for creating the capable algorithm of load balancing which distribute the load of devices in appropriate way that implement similar type of work in equivalent of time. We have focus in the study of different algorithm of load balancing in cloud computing that is helps to us to provide a better utilization in well manner.

Keyword: Cloud computing, load balancing, Performance, Response time.

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Namrata Raj, Vishal Kumar Verma. Cloud Computing with Load Balancing Approach: A Systematic Survey. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2019; 6(2): 22–25p.


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