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Balanced Truncation Based Reduction of Large-Scale System

Girijendra Tripathi, Awadhesh Kumar


AbstractIn this paper model order reduction method are applied on large scale system. In this article Schur based Balanced Truncation method are applied to reduce the original system. In this note it is shown that a not-necessarily-balanced state-space realization of the Moore reduced model can be compute directly without balancing via projections defined in terms of random bases for the left and right eigenspaces related with the “large” eigenvalues of the product of the reach ability and controllability Grampians. A example has been taken to clarify the technique. Simulation and performance analysis have been done in Mat lab software. Simulation result has been given for comparison of higher order and reduced order system. 

Keywords—MOR, Schur based Balanced Truncation.

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Girijendra Tripathi, Awadhesh Kumar. Balanced Truncation Based Reduction of Large-Scale System. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2019; 6(2): 16–21p.

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