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Automated Sorting of Municipal Solid Waste Using Robotic Arm

Rishabh Sharma, Prince Gupta


Abstract: The main idea behind the paper is the segregation of municipal solid waste (MSW) by developing a manipulation system for automated sorting of useful recyclables which includes aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and tetra packs. The system is equipped with a thermal imaging camera, proximity sensor and a 5-DOF (degree of freedom) robotic arm. The sorting is based on automated identification of thermographic images. The supervised machine-learning algorithm is used for material classification and reinforced learning of grasping plan. The proposed system will be placed at top of garbage sorting unit (GSU) which will sort the recyclable units using object identification and sensing process.

Keywords: MSW, DOF, GSU, SURF, SVM, robotic arm

Cite this Article: Rishabh Sharma, Prince Gupta. Automated Sorting of Municipal Solid Waste Using Robotic Arm. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2019; 6(3): 5–8p.

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