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Study on Tools and Challenges of Opinion Mining

Prerna Mishra, Ranjana Rajnish, Pankaj Kumar



Opinion mining is an emerging topic in social media for extraction of large amount of opinionated data available on web. It is a natural language processing technique for examining opinions about a particular product or any topic. Analysis of these opinions is done through various tools available and approaches used. After the process of opinion extraction, a polarity classification is done at different levels. By polarity classification, we mean whether piece of text is negative, positive or neutral. This paper focuses on different tools and approaches used for opinion mining, literature survey providing detailed information about the existing work done in this field and different challenges in field of opinion mining.

 Keywords: Opinion mining, sentiment analysis, data mining

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Prerna Mishra, Ranjana Rajnish, Pankaj Kumar. Study on Tools and Challenges of Opinion Mining. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2016; 3(3): 14–16p.




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