Journal of Open Source Developments

Journal of Open Source Developments (JoOSD): is a print and e-journal focused towards the rapid publication of fundamental research papers on Open Source Development.

The basic principle for the open source developments is that by sharing source code, developers cooperate under a model of systematic peer-review, and take advantages of parallel debugging that leads to innovation and rapid advancement

eISSN: 2395-6704

Focus & Scope: 

  • Tools of open source development
  • open source software projects, products, and processes
  • Open source software artifacts and open source communities
  • Economic analyses of open source
  • Legal aspects of open source software
  • Bug trackers and task lists
  • Version control systems
  • Methodology and data sources
  • Watermarking Techniques
  • Watermarking Methods

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Vol 5, No 2 (2018)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Computerized Autonomous Shopping Cart ROBOT – “ROCART” PDF
Sangeetha V.S V. S., Sakthikumaran S, Ramya Sri M, Preetha S 1-4
Security Buff: Cloud Computing and Big DATA PDF
Sapna Bajaj 5-9
MemOS for Performance Analysis of Future Memristive Memory-Based Computer Architectures and Simulation PDF
Nicholas Felker 10-18
Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Companion With Voice Recognition And Auto Response System PDF
Binsiyamol Pattarkadavan 19-30

Review Articles

A Review on Enhanced Social Awareness Development PDF
Krushnadeo Tanaji Belerao 31-36

ISSN: 2395-6704