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Deblurring Image Secured Using Blind Deconvolution Algorithm with RSA Algorithm

Kirti Bhadauria, Unmukh Datta



How one can get a clear picture from a single motion blurred picture has been a difficult open problem in digital imaging. In this paper, our focal point is on image restoration which is in many instances talked about image deblurring or image deconvolution. Image restoration is the procedure of recovering the common picture from the degraded picture. Image deblurring is a technique to make the picture sharper and great matched to the original image. But many times we do not want to show the deblurred image to everyone, this is the reason why we want to give protection features to our deblurred images. So, in past, a lot of security algorithms have been applied on many deblurred images but I am using RSA algorithm on blinded deconvolution technique to give the security as well as high performance results. Deblurring and restoration are needed for digital image processing. Blur in an image may occur due to many reasons. Blind deconvolution algorithm can also be utilized with ease when no knowledge regarding the blurring and noise are famous. The aim of this paper is to show the amazing blind deconvolution algorithm (BDA) using with RSA algorithm which will simply get rid of problematic motion blurring from average images without requiring any prior information of the motion-blur kernel as well as provide better security. Results are compared using PSNR which indicates the noise ratio presented in the deblurred image.

Keywords: Restoration, blind deconvolution, RSA, PSNR

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Kirti Bhadauria, Unmukh Datta. Deblurring Image Secured Using Blind Deconvolution Algorithm with RSA Algorithm. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2017; 4(3): 20–26p.

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