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Security Buff: Cloud Computing and Big DATA

Sapna Bajaj


Cloud computing is an internet based application used for accessing and computing the information and many more sources. The technical term “Cloud Computing” gives us the shared computer processing devices over a renowned network where user can use it. In cloud computing not only desktop application has been engaged but also mobile applications are also connected over it. These days cloud computing becoming amazing technology for many other cloud service providers. It allows on-demand shared pool of processing devices over the network. Not only working for software services but also cloud computing provides many other featured services that can help in the ease of the other users.

Hence, cloud computing is such a nice topic which has become the hottest discussion in the research area due to its ability of reducing cost linked with computation. It is more kind of interesting technology in today’s world, as it is offering the services to the user on demand on the internet. Since cloud storing the data, hence concept of big data comes over. The era of Big Data is coming around hence our local and old way of data analytics may not be able to analyze the Big Data. The question arises that how to secure this Big Data which is rely on the internet on a remote area.

Big Data is the collection of huge complex data and volume that has huge quantity of data, capability, media data and real time data. Hence the challenge of securing this Big Data and Cloud Computing is discussed here.

The cloud generally deals with the “Big Data” data type. The Big Data is the data which is highly complex to: - compute, analyse, store, search etc. This big data needs to be stored and protected from the other external attacks.

They both together save the upfront infrastructure costs. And thus helps in focusing the core business of the company.


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