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Computerized Autonomous Shopping Cart ROBOT – “ROCART”

Sangeetha V.S V. S., Sakthikumaran S, Ramya Sri M, Preetha S


ROCART is an advanced robot used for purchasing in supermarkets. The ultimate aim of this ROCART is to save time and improve self-checkout machines by eliminating the need for human employees within the store. It is designed to help purchasers to fast-track their shopping experience. The customers have to enroll their name and select the list of items they want in a computerized screen and have to click the search button. The cart finds the place of the listed items by mapping the route. The cart is provided with a robotic arm which is used to pick and place the items which are selected by the customer. The customer doesn’t want to go along with the cart. The computerized screen will tick the items collected and it simultaneously calculates the cost of the collected items for checkout. After collecting all the items in the list, the cart comes to the cash counter and the customer has to pick their cart by finding their enrolled name in the cart. The benefit of our project is that it is secure, easy and efficient. Thus, the shopping and check out time is reduced and it is made autonomous and easy through this project.

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