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Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Companion With Voice Recognition And Auto Response System

Binsiyamol Pattarkadavan


This paper presents an investigation of speech recognition methods using Support Vector Machines (SVM) algorithm, Gaussian mixture model (GMM) and its use in AI. One of the application of this techniques are device control and real time detection of  temperature, humidity, moisture and  light sensitivity etc in responsible to our voice with help of arduino using visual studio. In this project we incorporate artificial Intelligence by integrating Voice Recognition and Speech synthesis in such a way that the entire unit is integrated to a home plant and people could talk to the plant as well as the plant gives you smart responses. Certain sensors are merged to the unit to get realistic values to a few questions asked and also the unit can control other devices and the entire house appliances. It also serves as a personal assistant for elderly in case of any emergency by notifying the predefined number saved to the database. The entire project is done using Visual Studio and the circuit are added to it for further use.

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