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Wimax Worldwide Inter Transfer Wireless for Wire Free World

N. Alaguraj, M. Ramachandran, B. Ziyaudeen


The main problem with broadband access today are that it is attractive pricey and it does not reach all areas. The main problem with WiFi access is that hot spots are very small, so exposure is sparse. What if there was a new expertise that solved all of these problems? This new expertise would provide:
 The high speed of broadband service.
 Wireless rather than wired access, so it would be a lot less expensive than wire or DSL and much easier to extend to suburban and pastoral areas.
 Broad coverage like the cell phone network as a substitute of small WiFi hotspots.
This system is really coming into being right now and it is called WiMAX.
WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave admission has emerged as the most shows potential wide-area wireless broadband technology in a short span of time. The technology is being adopted in a number of markets and is suspended for dramatic growth in India as well. As it can cover fairly long distances, WiMAX has the potential to serve everything from low-density inhabited applications to enterprise clientele. Many companies are closely examining WiMAX for "last mile" connectivity at high data rates. This could result in lower pricing for both home and business customers as competition lowers prices. In areas without pre-existing physical cable or telephone networks, WiMAX will, it appears, be a viable alternative for broadband access that has been economically unavailable. Prior to WiMax, many operators have been using proprietary fixed wireless technologies for broadband services. In this paper we will talk about about the WiMAX technology other technologies rival with it and the growth of this technology in India.

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N. Alaguraj, M. Ramachandran, B. Ziyaudeen. Wimax Worldwide Inter
Transfer Wireless for Wire Free World. Journal of Open Source Developments.
2015; 2(3): 1–4p.


WiMAX, competition, technology, broadband, physical cable

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