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A Survey of Secure Transmission of Digital Watermarking Based on the Hybrid of DCT and 2DWT

Ritu Gill, Rishi Soni


Image watermarking has become very necessary and very important aspects in the field to protect our originality, authentication, security towards the unauthorized users over the internet. Digital watermarking is a vital method to hide our copyright protection to our secret messages that are inbuilt in any images, audio or any image sources. Some of the digital watermarking is to be intended with the frequency domain for the better robustness of the pictures. Another technique is a spatial domain which works directly to the pixels which shows the very low robustness to the images and here the security purpose is very low. In this paper, we will research for the better and more advanced transforms like DCT, DWT and 2DWT. By using combine features of both these transforms the robustness of the watermarked is more as compared to the earlier approaches.

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Ritu Gill, Rishi Soni. A Survey of Secure Transmission of Digital Watermarking Based on the Hybrid of DCT and 2DWT. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2015; 2(3): 20–26p.


Image watermarking, security, audio, robustness, DCT

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