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An Economic Analysis on Open Source Projects

Salman Sheikh



This paper portrays the conditions under which ventures embrace open source programming. The rise of open source and Linux has troubled IT supervisors with the test of whether, when, and in what applications to receive open source programming in their organizations. We demonstrate that appropriation depends critically on system impacts, the attack of programming with the scope of utilizations utilized by each firm, and the IT abilities of a firm. Our model predicts that most firms will receive a heterogeneous IT design that comprises of open source and restrictive programming. The balance appropriation is regularly socially wasteful. This is the paper in the open source writing to depict monetary parts of open source ventures.


Keywords: UNIX, effect of open source project on monetary parts

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Salman Sheikh. An Economic Analysis on Open Source Projects. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2016; 3(3): 6–9p.

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