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A Review on Techniques of Tracking Paths for Vehicles

Shruti Bhandari, Arti Mishra



This paper gives a short survey of common path tracking techniques for different vehicles, for example, immaculate interest, vector interest and additionally CF-interest, which are altogether in view of the unadulterated interest. Methods were examined and an itemized comparison was made between these geometric strategies. Likewise, this audit work talks about zones where little research has been finished. Areas, for example, tracking of some portion of a versatile robot and proposes a territory where include research should be possible, for example, following of both implicit and explicit path for a non-holonomic versatile robot.

Keywords: Autonomous vehicle, path-tracking, pure-pursuit, sensors, controller, implicit, explicit

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Shruti Bhandari, Arti Mishra. A Review on Techniques of Tracking Paths for Vehicles. Journal of Open Source Developments. 2017; 4(1): 16–20p.

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