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Intelligent Techniques for Smart Transportation System

Aida Alexander, Sabi S


Road accident is the most unpleasant thing happen to road users. The drivers drive under tension on roads, and as a result they mostly lost the control of the vehicle  especially during night and becomes the victim of road accidents. So Intelligent Transportation system is for providing safe driving, which will assist the driver to use an automobile in a safe way without getting into a crash situation. The majority of the accidents are due to over speeding and thoughtless driving. A system is developed inorder to reduce the accidents caused due to over speeding and careless driving. Two steps could be taken in case of danger instead of only stopping from the data recorded by the ultrasonic sensor. Obstacle will be noticed by the sensor and when the driver is not active, that is if he is not slowing vehicle then it will be converted to an automatic mode and speed reduction will be automatically performed. In case if the vehicle is coming in high speed , reduction in speed is not possible then it will deviate from the obstacle to an obstacle free area . Two level control unit is included in this system i.e. first one is high-level control system and the next one is low-level control system. Obstacle will be sensed by the high level control system unit and will send the information to low level control unit and fuzzy logic is used in this method inorder to improve the accuracy , Another real reason for mishaps is because of over speeding, due to not considering speed limit board on streets. So to maintain a strategic distance from this issue a speed constrain board recognition programming framework is presented, which will identify speed limit board as far as possible and it will naturally decrease the speed and bring the vehicle to that speed limit Keywords      -               Fuzzy                logic,       high        level         control    system, intelligent transportation System, low level control system, speed limit board, ultrasonic sensor.

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