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Crying Need to Address and Revamp India’s Food Logistics and Supply Chains by Rail : Amethi District Case Study

Anubhava Srivastava


Agriculture and Railways for India are the vital pillars of India holding our great Nation together and serving the economic,social,mobility and coonectivity needs of our  countrymen. India  is predominantly an Agricultural economy even though the dependence on it seems to be shrinking year on year. But, even then, the dependence on Agriculture to absorb massive population of India cannot be underestimated. Almost 55 % of India’s population has Agriculture as livelihood. But for Agriculture, India would have armies of citizens with no gainful work. India’s vast Railway grid  with its vast  reach of routes serves as arteries and veins for our country’s  heart  and body of sustenance, prosperity and growth. It is also an important part of Food Logistics ecosystem enabling the movement of food related raw materials ,value added and finished/ready for consumption  food across the length and breadth of our country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and  Bhuj  to Ledo. But  as Change is a law of Nature, there is a Crying Need to address the issue of better optimization, mechanization and  faster movement of Food logistics in India. A Case study of Amethi District in India’s  Northern state of Uttar Pradesh  presented here brings out the challenges,complexities,solutions  and need for  new technologies for effective optimization of Food logistics from Farm Gate to Markets in  contemporary India. Implementation of  suggested measures will go a long way in ameliorating the Farm Distress and provide huge fillip to lives of our farmers.

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