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Rudrapani: A Solar Gesture Control Tanker

Hardik V. Mehta, Smita B. Joshi, Arpit A. Patel, Het Kapatel, Maulik Hathi


Model of automatic gesture controlled robotic tanker Rudrapani is established for the defense sector of India. The first and foremost purpose of the Rudrapani is to protect soldier’s life during surgical strike or war. In this tanker, human hand signals are identified by the sensors and it tracks the guidelines given by hand of the soldier. As the soldier moves his hand, the accelerometer also changes accordingly and identifies the constraints regarding the reference of hand. A supplementary wireless IP camera is used for the observation that captures each and every detail to the associated system. In this system, gesture is taken by accelerometer and it is handled by microcontroller software Arduino UNO. These parameters are sent to microcontroller and encoder circuit (12HTE). It is further transmitted by RF 433 MHz transmitter. RF 433 MHz receiver holds down the received parameters and processes with microcontroller and gives those parameters to the robotic tanker so that it can act according to the gesture. This tanker will be boon to Indian Army as it can save the soldier’s life and make the nation safer and stronger.

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Hardik V. Mehta, Smita B. Joshi, Arpit A. Patel, Het Kapatel, Maulik Hathi. Rudrapani: A Solar Gesture Control Tanker. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2019; 6(1):


Accelerometer ADXL345, decoder HT12D, encoder HT12E, IP camera, motor driver L293D, microcontroller 328P (Arduino UNO), RF 433 MHz module, solar tanker

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