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Design of Discrete Time PID Controller

Ashish Mishra, Shekhar Yadav


This study describes the technique for implementation of discrete-time PID controller for automatic voltage regulator. It is most significant to derive a controller implementation technique for discrete-time systems. A new PID design pattern will be suggested for the without causality complications by considering the equivalent PID controller. A very most popular controller is the discrete-time closed-loop PID controller. Discrete time PID controllers have very fast responses like rise time and peak overshoot, as compared to the continuous-time PID controller. While, we have to observe the stability in a continuous-time of some digital controller, we use the digital signals as an input to the computer; however after using z-transform to change the system to a digital control system and give these signals inside the microprocessor by the ATU; and after that convert them to analog to the final element.

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Ashish Mishra, Shekhar Yadav. Design of Discrete Time PID Controller. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2019; 6(1): 14–22p.


AVR system, discrete time PID controller, ADC, DAC

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