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Beach Cleaning Vision System

K.T Anisha Jubitha, Shamini R, Ashna Rasheed, Anshad P.K


Abstract: This paper concentrates on vision system for the purpose of automatic beach cleaning process. A system that detects the objects, edges and features is very important for easier and proper cleaning in all the areas. The vision system uses various techniques with the real time captured image for Object detection to find if any object or waste is present. Edge detection is used to recognize the boundary of the waste present in the areas which needs to be cleaned and Feature detection is used for retaining all useful products present in that area. The proposed system uses Speed-Up Robust Features (SURF) algorithm and RANSAC algorithm for Feature detection. Canny edge operator is implemented for Edge detection and Image segmentation technique is used for Object detection. It is implemented in MATLAB R2016b with Computer Vision Toolbox. The real time image capturing is done with IP webcam application and IP camera support package.

Keywords: SURF algorithm, RANSAC algorithm, Canny edge operator, Image Segmentation Technique, beach cleaning

Cite this Article: K.T. Anisha Jubitha, Shamini R., Ashna Rasheed, Anshad P.K. Beach Cleaning Vision System Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2019; 6(3): 14–21p.

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