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Operating System - Concept and Comparison

Vatsal Gupta, Nidhi Tyagi


Operating system is essential to operate computers. Normally, computers came with preloaded operating systems. The purpose of this paper is to discusses about the functionality of Operating Systems with their specialization in their field and how different OS are present with UI and hardware support for software tuning. Most of the OS are UNIX based or support UNIX like features. This discusses the pre-installed OS’s which are installed in many PC’s, Laptops and Mobile Phones and about most famous Linux distributions.

Keywords: operating system, technology, UNIX, UI (User Interface), hardware

Cite this Article: Vatsal Gupta, Nidhi Tyagi. Operating System-Concept and Comparison. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2020; 7(2): 24–30p.

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