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Bridge Safety Monitoring System

Pratik Jaiswal, Aditya Krishna Parida, Praveen Shinde


Bridges may get fallen or inclined because of flooding or some solid issue, normal catastrophes. So there is a need to plan a system which will consistently screen state of bridges. It is valuable for open safety and decrease in human misfortunes. Such framework will help in a debacle the board and recuperation. IoT-based scaffold security checking framework is created utilizing the WSN Technology. This framework is made out of: Monitoring devices introduced in the extension condition, specialized gadgets interfacing the scaffold checking gadgets and the cloud based server, a powerful database that stores connect condition information, cloud based server figures and breaks down information transmitted from the observing gadgets. This framework can screen and examine continuously the state of a scaffold and its condition, including the water levels and other safety conditions. This paper presents an exhaustive overview of SHM utilizing WSNs sketching out and calculation like harm recognition and restriction, arrange configuration difficulties and future exploration course.

Keywords: bridge safety, IoT, technology, WSN (Wireless Sensor Network), SHM (Simple Harmonic Motion)

Cite this Article: Pratik Jaiswal, Aditya Krishna Parida, Praveen Shinde. Bridge Safety Monitoring System. Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends. 2020; 7(2): 1–5p.

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