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Soil Analysis Technique: NPK Detection using IOT

Abhishek Jain, Vinayak Mathur, Vaishnavi Ajmera



The growth and maintenance of the crops is a very important task in the agricultural domain. There are a lot of ways in which we can make sure that the crops are properly grown and the soil quality is high, we can use good quality seeds, we can regularly grow different crops to ensure the balanced nutrients in the soil, also irrigation and fertilization are great methods to do so. But the current soil testing systems in the agricultural sectors are not easily accessible by the farmers, and those which are accessible have a very slow process. Being a major drawback, there is a need for a tool with a good methodology that is able to produce real time results which can be used by the farmers with ease. Such a device would greatly reduce the time delay, and will be able to accurately identify the nutrient composition of the soil samples. The nutrients focused in the soil analysis technique are N, P and K, these nutrients are essential requirements for all the major crops. In this paper, we will take a look at the standard method to check the nutrients of the soil (N, P, and K) for crops and focus on an IoT based analysis which would provide a brief report, according to which the farmers can use the best-suited fertilizer to enhance the growth of crops.


Agriculture, soil, N: nitrogen, P: phosphorus, K: potassium, fertilizer, farmer, IoT: Internet of Things

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