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Internet of Things Data Semantics

Oindrila Ghosh, Abhishek Das



Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest phenomenon and this revolution in technology may exceed the industrial revolution. Merging internet and things, making them work together, we have developed a powerful technology, called The Internet of Things (IoT). Apart from smart phones and computers, today we have many other devices which are able to communicate through internet like door opener, automated sprinklers, automatic water quality sensors, ATM machines, robotic cars and other vehicles, personal e-health monitoring devices and many more. All these interconnected uniquely identifiable automated devices within the existing internet architecture can be termed as IoT. Hence, IoT may be defined as A network of physical objects or things that can interact with each other to share information and take action. In this paper, we have surveyed on some recent research papers in IoT based on semantic technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon where automated machines get interconnected to each other collecting sensor data from heterogeneous sources integrating greater computabilities. Using data semantic technologies, meaningful information can be extracted which will make the systems intelligent and allow sharing of data among each other. These vast amounts of data collected from the sensors or actuators embedded in various devices will require organized data management, which leads to the evolution of Big Data. In our paper, we have presented a survey on impact of semantic technologies on IoT and its growing popularity in the industries, health systems as well as the entire society. 

Keywords: Semantic interoperability, RDFS, linked data, resource discovery, sensor data, meta data, semantic annotations

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Oindrila Ghosh, Abhishek Das. Internet of Things Data Semantics. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2017; 4(2): 15–21p.

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