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Internet of Things: A Survey of Architectures and Recent Research Trends

Rajeev Kapoor


Abstract—   Internet of Things is a today’s Technology.  Research on this technology is in early ages.  In IOT Ocean, it is a collection of devices, domains, components, middleware, and protocols. IOT is such a technology, which is improving day by day. IOT is now becoming a part of daily human life. It opens new challenges and research area for researchers. This paper is just an effort to find research possibilities and identifying breaths and diversity of existing IOT research in various fields. This paper reviews the architecture of IOT domains, elements, standards and platforms. Themain purpose of this paper is to summarize the analysis of recent trends in IOT domain. Here. This effort is somewhat different other survey papers because of its present research possibilities with research variables of each domain of IOT. It will be helpful for the researcher to find new research areas in IOT.

Keywords—  RFID- Radio Frequency Identification, IOT- Internet of Things, CoAP- Constrained Application

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