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Developing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Individuals with Disabilities: Review and Recommendations

Neelu Jyothi Ahuja



Intelligent tutoring systems have been sufficiently exploited for enabling learners to gain learning in a manner that best suits them. There has been enough emphasis placed on offering learning material as per learner’s preferences and knowledge level. This has led to significant acceptability of these systems in the formal education domain. Considering the learning needs and tutoring challenges of individuals with disabilities, especially those with intellectual (learning) disabilities, the role of these systems needs modification and offers tremendous potential in providing benefits to the section of specially-abled population of the society. This paper presents a review of literature on various assistive tools/systems and learning tools available for specially-abled individuals, emphasizes need for ITS systems, outlines challenges and explores possibility of offering learning through comprehensive solution of ITS developed for them. Considering one of the intellectual (learning) disabilities, ‘Dyslexia’, the teaching strategies traditionally employed are being examined with an intension to amalgamate them in ITS. 

Keywords: Intelligent tutoring systems, learner challenges, learning disabilities, specially-abled, assistive tools, teaching strategies, dyslexia

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