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Anand Rajawat, Dr. Akhilesh R. Upadhyay


Abstract Internet user is growing everyday as an outcome of this huge volume of data is being produced constantly. Thus Mining and evaluating such data can support an organization in services extending from website personalization and usage classification. The pre-existing machine learning algorithms are unable to solve this in a better way. The current application for data classification is really expensive in nature. Improve the recommendation technique using map reduce model based on the machine learning. In this research work, we have proposed technique for Big Web Data Classification for User Behaviour Predicting using Fusion Data level S3VM. The experimental results show that Fusion Data level S3VM is appropriate for modelling a classification model among high accuracy and that its performance is better to that of traditional machine learning classification methods. Our proposed framework is based on data mining, machine learning with neural network algorithm which used for the user personalization classification and improving recommendation.  

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