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Improve the Performance of Proxy Caching Using LRU, AVL Tree and BST

Jitendra Singh Kushwah, Sitendra Tamrakar


Proxy caching is increase the performance to access the web pages. Multiple computer in a network uses multiple cache for better performance. Caching of Multi-level normally works through testing the minimum load cache. Uncertainty you miss a lower level cache than the search for next level cache. This paper will study L1 cache such as the primary cache and L2 cache such as the secondary form of cache of the proxy server. LRU used as the replacement of cache algorithm. Previously LRU technique used to eliminate the cold caching pollution but it is not much efficiently work. So we overcome this problem with used other algorithm in LRU. In this paper, there we used three techniques such as LRU, AVL Tree and Binary Search Tree (BST). The performance has been increase using these techniques on the basis of access time. The result shows in the form of tables and graphs that shows, AVL tree is best among these techniques used with LRU.

Keywords: Access time, AVL tree, binary search tree, LRU, proxy server

Cite this Article: Jitendra Singh Kushwah, Sitendra Tamrakar. Improve the performance of proxy caching using LRU, AVL tree and BST. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2020; 7 (1): 13–20.

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